The Productivity Lie

Like you, I live a busy life. There are never enough hours in the day to do everything I want. It feels like there is always another task, project, or goal just out of reach. I am convinced that if I can do more then I will be happier, more successful, and better off. So what do I do? I become more productive. Productivity becomes the measure of my success but this is a lie.

The productivity lie is this: the more you get done, the more successful you are. The lie is more prevalent when aspiring people strive to become better, healthier, and more successful in any number of ways. But the lie of productivity lie will cause them to fail.

The productivity lie will cause most people to fail.

You will fail if your goal is to get more things done. It’s entirely possible to get more things done and to become less of a person. This is because we confuse the act of becoming with the state of being. Our natural failure comes when the steps become more important than our goals.

Set goals and to keep them simple. Never let the gravity of your steps outweigh the goals themselves. When this is the case, you have over-complicated the process and have opened yourself up to the lie of productivity. Doing more is never the goal; becoming more should always be your aim.