Five Elements of Effective Thinking - Review


5 elements of effective thinkingEdward B. Burger presents effective thinking as a key to success. He argues that five key elements drive our thoughts and include the ability to understand deeply, fail to succeed  be your own Socrates, look back and forward, and transform yourself. Each idea is associated with an elemental nature such as earth, wind, or water to help the readers remember the five step process. The concept driving the book is an exercise in critical thinking methods. The book lacks an air of authenticity. This is due to the straight forward presentation of critical thinking methods. There was no profound ah ha moment. There was, however, a deliberate and well curated presentation of simple ideas. Burger created a steady flow of practical advice that leads to deliberate thinking process.

5 elements tocI would recommend skimming this book. A quick survey of the table of contents will let you know weather or not this book is worth your time. It is by no means bad, Burger has constructed a genuine contribution to the tome of critical thinking. However, it does lack an element of original thought that reaches beyond the organization of other peoples ideas. I may be too critical here but I completed the book with a shrug and no intention of picking it back up.

Brent ColbyComment