Threat Vector - Review


Threat VectorChina's government is under siege. The emerging world power confronts a new foe from within as an internal power struggle threatens to tip the scales of war. Jack Ryan and his off-grid response team swing into action to keep the United States from total war. Tom Clancy's brand is true to form with this summer action novel. The good guys live to fight another day and world war is narrowly defeated. The book is light on espionage and heavy on action. The intrigue is shallow but the combat is palpable. The writing style is simple and does not challenge the reader in any way.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy and fun read. The premise is clear and easy to follow. The subject matter is stock with a digital twist. Clancy's team plays on the drone hype of today but fails to leverage this trinket of intrigue.

Brent ColbyComment