Game Frame Review

You like playing games? What if you could play games for a living? I am not talking about some sort of video game play-tester or board game designer; I am talking about an everyday working person making a game out of their life's work. That is, in part, what Aaron Dignan proposes in his book Game Frame. The subtle reads, using games as a strategy for success and he delivers a clear formula for turning mind numbing work into play. Dignan walks us through the ten levels (chapters) as he paints a picture of behavioral play.The model is made up of ten building blocks that work together to create a game like experience. The concept of behavioral play is fascinating. I tore my way through each chapter in one sitting and cant wait to design my own game. What is more interesting is the types of "games" I see around me in my every day life. The checkout page on a web site, the rewards program of my credit card and the gas efficiency meter on my care are just a few that have jumped out to me over these past few weeks. I was expecting a sort of soft pitch, "have fun in a job that you love" message from Dignan's text but came away with something completely different. He delivers a detailed and highly structured vision of "gaming" that is worthy of looking into. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in sociology or game theory. I cant say that the take aways from this read were obvious. This is a specific read on a specific topic. It is well written and compels you to fly from chapter to chapter. If you are up for a brain bender then follow the links above and check it out!

What job would you like to turn into a game?

Brent ColbyComment