Can People See Your Spiritual Life?

Is spirituality visible or invisible? What does it look like? Many of us draw a clear black line between the spiritual and physical self. We believe that what happens in the heart cannot be seen in the real world. Our Christianity becomes otherworldly and we start to believe that our role in God's story is to escape creation. This view has become known as Platonic dualism (ya, I just name dropped Plato).

Robert E. Webber has written a book about ancient spirituality titled The Divine Embrace. In it he argues that, "the Christian spiritual life is not an experience out of this world, it is an experience of transcendent meaning here and now in this world through a passionate participation in God's vision for humanity in theis world." This passionate participation has a real world effect.

Do you agree with Webber? Can your spiritual life have an affect in the created world?

Robert E. Webber, The Divine Embrace p. 171

Brent ColbyComment