Ghenghis Khan - Review


Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern WorldJack Weatherford tells the story of the great Kahn's over the past eight hundred years. The rulers of the mongol steppe take center stage in Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World.  Weatherford describes the first great Kahn and subsequent generations of Asian rulers who conquered the lands between the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Europe. With an odd combination of barbarism and liberalism, the Mongolian people assimilated into a vast swath of medieval cultures. Their integration of religion, technology, and government played a critical role in the shaping of the world we know today. Weatherford begins with the harrowing story of the first Kahn. Temüjin survived attempts on his life to become recognized as a great tribal leader. His budding kingdom lay the foundation for generations of conquerors who would rule one of histories greatest empires. The story of Temüjin begins an exploration of the rise and fall of the Mongol Empire. Humble roots give way to prosperity and the empire eventually loses its way. The book is historical and is packed with exciting accounts of battles, political intrigue, and cultural advances.

For the history buff of the late middle ages.

Mongol EmpireI would recommend reading this book for the history buff who wants to paint a broader picture of the late middle ages. How is that for a specific recommendation?  The thing that keeps me from enjoying this book is the same reason why you should want to read it: context. I know very little about eastern history and this ignorance keeps me from enjoying much of the story of the Khans. It is also the reason why I should read this book; it may be the reason why you should read it too.

Brent ColbyComment