How Big is Our Solar System?


sunHow big is our solar system? Many of us are recall a classroom mobile made of styrofoam balls. The yellow ball in the middle represents the sun while nine others spin around to represent earth and its compatriots. But such models are rarely to scale. According to some friends at Data Genetics, if the earth were the size of a tennis ball, the sun would be about 780 meters away and have a diameter of 7.3 meters. This is no distance compared to the cantaloupe size of Neptune over 15 miles away. Our solar system is big, really big.

Our solar system is big, really big.

Consider Josh Worth's model of the solar system where Earth's moon is represented by a single pixel. The distance between planets is vast and their relative size is small. It is easy to forget the expanse between objects in the massiveness of outer space.

Click the link and start scrolling to the right, now keep scrolling. It is a great reminder of our place in the universe and the greatness of everything made.





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