Great Expectations - Review


Great ExpectationsGreat Expectations is one of Charles Dickens' most memorable works. His deception of inequality in Victorian England is saturated with vivid characters, places, and feelings. Each of these leave a lasting impression on the reader. We see the protagonist struggle to find himself amid a childhood of poverty and promise of great fortune. Pip tries to untangle himself from complex web of relations and social strata while figuring out who he really is. Dickens is a master writer and describes a gritty and earthen world where one can feel the weight of each person and object. He does not spare words in his descriptions and takes substantial time to describe each scene. These descriptions are what make the book excellent and exhausting. The story of Dickens takes place behind the dialogue and action. The thoughts and setting of each individual make up the story of Great Expectations which causes a bit of anxiety for the casual reader.

Victorian England is saturated with vivid characters, places, and feelings.

I would recommend reading this book. It is a masterpiece, moving, and causes one to think about their own life. I would also warn readers of the flurry of words which wield the power of beauty and monotony. For those who can stretch their attention span, read quickly, and commit to the text there is great reward. For casual readers seeking an easy thrill there is nothing here for you. Make the time to read one of the greatest books from one of England's greatest authors.

Brent ColbyComment