On a Boat


Oliver on a boatI took my  kids on a boat this week and it was the highlight of our summer. My wife and I are used to the ferry system in the Puget Sound. We crossed back and forth for years when we were first married. I dare to say that the ride in and out of Seattle became routine. The experience is always spectacular but boarding and disembarking begins to feel like an extended traffic light over time. But when we made our way across the water this time things were different; this time we had kids.

This time we had our kids.

It was the first time Adele' and Oliver had been on a ferry. You should have seen my daughters eyes when I told her that we would be driving our car on a boat! In amazement, she anticipated our trip all week. When we had paid our fair, waited in line, and then drove onto the deck they were livid. We quickly unbuckled and ran to the top viewing area. They were giddy for 30min straight. Oliver couldn't get enough of it and ran back and forth, soaking in the view slightly askew because of the motion of the deck. Adele' felt like a genuine adventurer and pointed out every other boat, bird, and bay as we made our way across. When it was time to leave Oliver cried and we had to assure them both that we would be riding the boat on the way home too. It was awesome, it was common, it was a real experience.

Don't let routine steal the splendor of your life.

DSC03690Everyday things can be exciting. Don't forget that your hundredth time may be someone else's first. Don't let routine steal away the splendor of your  life. Remember the first time you walked into a church, went out to a restaurant, had friends over, or lit a camp fire? These were once amazing things but we often allow familiarity to rob us of memorable experiences. I rediscovered my love for the Puget Sound this week because of my children. They saw something for the first time that I had begun to take for granted. How many other things do I overlook? How often to I stare into the light of amazement and shield my eyes because I have seen it all before?

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