Healing Wounded Relationships - Review


Humans are emotional creatures. Each of our feelings make an impact on those around us. Weather direct or indirect, it is important to understand the relationships that surround our lives. Padovani attempts to identify key characteristics of the human experience as we relate to each other. Each of these are cast in a light of restoration. As the title suggests, Healing Wounded Relationships, attempts to describe the processes by which our connections with others can be restored and improved. Padovani discusses our ability to communicate with each other including the practice of sharing and listening. He describes the importance of conflict and how it necessary for every relationship. Intimacy with self is described as a prerequisite for fostering a level of intimacy with others. The theme of self-love is elaborated on as and described as a necessary component for a functional inner compass. This sense of confidence and direction allow us to forgive and reconcile with one another. Padovani concludes his book with a discussion on loss and grief.

The general tone of the book is informative and approachable. I felt like the book was written to serve as a practical guide for relationship building. The title of Healing Wounded Relationships feels a bit misleading because the strength of the book is found in strengthening interpersonal relationships all around. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to others. Clergy members may discover this book to be a helpful guide for their own work while being able to recommend it to those whom they wish to counsel.

Brent ColbyComment