3 Best Things About Being Sick


I have been sick: sore throat, go to the doctor, hurts to drink water sick. The hospital doesn't know what I have but they told me not to go into work. All tests came up negative but the doctors "oh my" confirmed what I have known all along: my throat is hurting. This is a normal part of life for most people, but not for me. I cant remember the last time I stayed home because of an illness. As I look for a silver lining I realize that the week has not been a total loss. Here are my three best things about being sick. 3. I get to listen to my kids play.

My daughter is two years old and has a colorful imagination. I sit in my bedroom listen to her every motion throughout the house. She talks and sings and yells and whispers. Her world is full of wonder and adventure. She is so eager to help my wife and love on her baby brother. She sings in the tub and reads books to her stuffed animals. Wherever she goes she is full of joy. OK, not all of the time but she is a generally happy girl. Now I understand why parents have so much fun spying on their little kids!

2. I spend some time alone.

I am not talking about spending time away from people. I am talking about being alone-alone: no books, no movies and no computers. I spent time completely alone this week and it was amazing. You mind clears in silence and you gain a certain perspective when no thing else is vying for your attention. I try to spend time in silence regularly but there is something different about spending a whole afternoon alone.

1. I see how amazing my wife is. 

Bria is incredible. She has managed to take care of me, a baby and a toddler over these past few days. She has hosted family from out of town and kept our home in working order (it is actually spotless). She has made numerous trips to the grocery store and brought home a few boxes of macaroni and cheese (if this cant fix me I dont know what can)! Her love for me and the kids is overwhelming. I dont deserve this kind of TLC. She loves us relentlessly.

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