Innovation's Dirty Little Secret - Review


Innovation's Dirty Little SecretLarry Osborne is an entrepreneurial church planter, creative thinker, and renowned organizational leader. His book, Innovation's Dirty Little Secret, describes the process by which people can lead through change. The secret, Osborne reveals on the opening page, is that innovations often fail. Their ability to capture people and move them to new places is unlikely. It is this dour note of failure that the author tries to coach his readers through. Failure cannot be avoided, but it can be minimized.

Failure cannot be avoided, but it can be minimized.

The book is written clearly and moves quickly between ideas. Osborne has packed this little book, 176 pages, with volumes of insight. He balances words of warning with words of advice and speaks to the dos as much as the don't-dos. Popular leadership topics, like vision, mission statements, and tradition are colored with frank commentary from an experienced source.

I would recommend reading this book. The return on investment is excellent and it serves as a great starting point for those who lead teams. I have met Larry and can say that he is a genuine and transparent leader who chooses to live by his own words of wisdom. The impact of his ministry in Southern California could serve as a testimony to the truth of his leadership principles, but may better serve as a mark of conviction toward a man who believes in what he says.

Brent ColbyComment