The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - Review


Autobiography of Benjamin FranklinThe Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is one of the most widely published and read books in American history. Few texts have served to inspire and challenge generations of young men and women like this personal account of a true entrepreneur and statesman. We read the first hand account of this historical figure and follow an assured tale of trials and success over the better part of a lifetime.  Franklin recounts his personal rise to success that is both adventurous and bold. It is a dearly personal work that features Benjamin as the unquestionable protagonist. We read about a variety of ideas and endeavors from the first person and align what we know of this historical figure from the outside in. Franklin mixes his narrative of personal with that of professional, remembering many names, dates, and mostly events.

I would recommend reading this book: it is a classic. I was amazed at the difficulty with which Mr. Franklin fought to establish himself and his trade. Mere travels between cities often proved dangerous and life threatening. This autobiography helped establish the do-it-yourself, self-made-man attitude of the United States. This book has shaped a part of my culture and I find it fascinating to examine such a nucleus up close.

Brent ColbyComment