Is Your Church Unspiritual?


What is the greatest thing your church has ever done? Have you cleaned up a neighborhood? Dug a well? Painted a school? We are living in a society that has a raised appreciation for social justice. From Haiti to Houston we are involved in ministry to those in need. We are engaged in programs that better the living conditions of people around the world. I believe that this is an expression of God's Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. But sometimes I feel that we can miss the opportunities that we have to make spiritual contributions. The physical and spiritual worlds are closely related; the one often impacts the other. However, they are not the same thing and can be addressed from completely unique angles. Melvin Hodges made a comment in his book The Indigenous Church. He argues that,

The greatest contribution the missionary can make to the church in any country is a spiritual contribution. His ability as an administrator and organizer may be important, but it pales beside that of being a spiritual leader who is able to encourage the church and bring it into an atmosphere of revival through his teaching, praying, and the spiritual impact of his life.

Would your pastor agree with this statement? Is spiritual impact the most important impression that you church can ever make? Do our efforts reflect this high value on spiritual things? I don't think so. Sometimes we even go to the effort of hiding spiritual things  We don't want turn people away though our directness. Instead, we dance around matters of sin and salvation. We see spiritual transformation taking place from the outside in.

Where do you land on this? Where do you think your church lands on this?

Hodges, Melvin L. (2012-04-12). The Indigenous Church and The Indigenous Church and the Missionary (Kindle Locations 3026-3028). BookMasters. Kindle Edition.

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