The War of Art - Review


Creativity dosent come easy. The War of Art is Steven Pressfield's attempt to explain why the creative process can be so difficult. He provides insight into the challenges and obstacles we face when trying to break through into that higher level of productivity. Pressfield was an established writer of fiction before taking on the work that lead to the publication of The War of Art. He uses his own experience as an example of the forces that are constantly trying to keep us from realizing our full potential. The book is fun to read and is extremely motivational. Pressfield does a good job at motivating his audience without being too cliche or trite. The book is written in three parts. The first and second parts describe the enemy of creativity and the means to combat him. The practical chapters project a get it done attitude with the rigor of a professional athlete. I will agree with Robert McKee, the author of the foreword, that the third part of The War of Art loses me a bit. Pressfield discusses the source of inspiration and get a little spiritual. As a Christian I agree with many of Pressfields ideas about inspiration but I would attribute the source from a Biblical perspective.

I would recommend reading this book. It is great. I read it once and then dove right back and read it again (Pressfield might consider this giving into resistance!). It is motivational, practical and thoughtful. It is also a shorter read at 190 pages. You could tear through it in a few days. Check it out and prepare to get convicted. Now, back to work!


Brent ColbyComment