Made to Stick - Review


Made to StickChip and Dan Heath present six concepts of communication in their book Made to Stick. Each idea, ranging from simplicity to unexpectedness, describes a quality of stickiness that is essential for communication today. They argue that these qualities determine which ideas thrive while others quickly fade away. The book is well organized and clearly articulated. The ideas flow nicely and compliment one another. The writing style of Chip and Dan is conversational and avoids pedantic prose. The authors provide ample support for their arguments but boarder example-exhaustion. I found myself skimming latter examples and felt many of them to be unnecessary. The most striking characteristic of this book is the simple incisiveness of the ideas.

It will challenge the way you communicate with others.

I would recommend reading this book. It packs a punch and will challenge your approach to communicating with others. The book itself is a great testament to the mastery of communication of the authors. It is clearly aligned from beginning to end and a must read for anyone who has the responsibility of sharing ideas. 

Brent ColbyComment