"New Normal" is a Lie


The EagleThere is no such thing as a new normal. In the middle of transition we often fantasize about a phase of life where things settle down and become predictable. But the truth is far from this picture of static satisfaction. Life is always changing; nothing stays the same. Things around us escalate even when our life has reached a plateau. Consider this: our desire for normalization is really a desire for isolation and a death sentence for leaders today. Your ability to lead is determined by your ability to adapt. Wagons don't ride on rails, trains don't ride on roads, and cars can't fly. Don't confuse locomotion with destination. Leaders may spend their entire life moving towards a single location but this does not mean they employ a single mode of transportation. Today your organization needs a web page and a presence on social networks; tomorrow it will need something different. The reason why you exist does not need to change.

Don't confuse locomotion with destination.

The promise of a new normal is a promise of isolation. The only way to totally control your environment is to isolate yourself from outside influences. It is impossible to lead from a vacuum. Learn how to lead through change and increase the ability of others to follow you. Don't give in to the lie of the new normal: you will keep yourself from doing things today that you want to do tomorrow

Brent ColbyComment