New Carpet in Kansas


KansasWhen the lady behind the desk told us our flight was delayed I was disappointed  When she said that the crews had to"change out the carpet" I became more concerned. How do you change out a carpet on a plane? Under what circumstances is that your best option? Truth be told, I didn't want to know the answers to these questions; I just wanted to go to Wichita.  We connected with some great leaders once we touched down in Kansas. The final leg of our journey that was was about an hour away: kids camp. We arrived at Wheat State Camp and got the tour, ate dinner in the cafeteria, and made our way to the tab. The tab is the tabernacle and the tabernacle is where we meet together as a group. I saw a grasshopper, or locust. It was really big so I am going with locust.

It was great to meet the cabin staff. An excellent group of men and women had come to host hundreds of elementary aged campers. We got instructions on how to handle everything from bed wetting to tornadoes. I am still unclear about what to do if a child is wetting their bed during a tornado but I am sure that I will figure something out. Circumstances like these might require us to change out our own carpet. I thought this was going to be a good week at camp. When I saw the assembly line putting together DIY stomp rockets I became certain: this week is going to be awesome. 

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