The Advantage - Review


The AdvantagePatrick Lencioni is famous for his work on organizational leadership. Titles like Death by Meeting, and Five Dysfunctions of a Team have become a staple of team development. His latest work, The Advantage argues that organizational health plays a predominant role in any successful team. Lencioni introduces a four part model to encourage the health of any organization  The parts include building a team, creating clarity, communication, and creating systems that reinforce clarity. Each of the four parts are described fully and simply. This book is riddled with insight that has become a hallmark of Lencioni's work. The best part of The Advantage is that it is actionable; there is a clear series of steps that one can follow to put the principles into action.

I would recommend reading this book. Lencioni breaks away from his fable format and delivers a concise and insightful look at organizational heath. I enjoyed reading it and was both convicted and inspired. Anyone leading a team should put this on their to-read list.

Brent ColbyComment