Running: its Cheaper than Therapy


I run because I need it. I need something that helps me clear my head, rest, and feel whole. Running does this and more. It hurts my feet, eats up my time and costs me money. But the benefits of running far outweigh the costs. I recently completed a half marathon. For three months I pounded the pavement night after night. Yes, night. Between family, work and school I don't have a lot of free time. My average departure time is around 10:45pm. That means that I am getting home after midnight on most of my longer runs. But it is worth it. I have run races before, even full marathons. But this run was different. I was running it for a completely different reason: it was just for my own good. I wasn't running with a family member, I wasn't running for distance, and I wasn't running for a fund raiser. I ran because I need it.

Finding balance in life is extremely difficult. Many of us are overflowing with important work and competing priorities. One thing that I cant let go is my health. Know this: I am not built to run. In direct opposition to the laws of nature I propel my self mile after mile. I am a lumbering rhino among a herd of gazelles on race day. Running is an expression of determination physical exertion that is a part of who God made me to be.

What do you do to stay sane? Do you run? Paint? Sing? Do you know what it is that keeps you feeling healthy and balanced? You owe it to yourself to find something that makes you feel right. Chances are that, whatever it is, it is much cheaper than therapy! 

Brent ColbyComment