Switch - Review


Switch is a book by Chip and Dan Heath that discusses the process of change. They formulate a system of change that involves directing the rider, motivating the elephant, and shaping the path.  Their choice of metaphor (elephant riding) may be unconventional bu clearly illustrates the friction that exists between our logical, emotional and practical self. The arguments in Switch are convincing and easy to understand. Their metaphor may seem odd at first but the reader gets used to the image of a person on the back of the worlds largest mammal wondering along a winding trail (it takes a while to get used to). Chip and Dan Heath focus on the practical side of change and only discuss the science behind their ideas in brevity. They rely heavily on examples and illustrations  these sometimes get in the way of the greater narrative.

I would recommend reading this book but  didn't enjoy it. The ideas here are great but not at all interesting. The reading feels obscured by illustrations and the imagery never realizes its full potential as a powerful metaphor  Switch may be a good and helpful read for those trying to create a change, both personally or corporately. But Switch is not an interesting book and I wont be recommending it that often.

Brent ColbyComment