Start With Why - Review


Start With Why The ability to motivate others is a powerful tool. We see it every day as fans cheer for their favorite teams, citizens vote for their preferred politicians and as customers purchase their most trusted brands. But what makes specific teams, politicians, or brands desirable? Simon Sinek believes that inspiration and action are a result of those who Start With Why. His book, of the same name, describes the process by which leaders can motivate others toward action. The Golden Circle of what, how, and why help Sinek frame his discussion towards leadership in action. His philosophy of loyalty and compulsion touches on social and brain sciences. He prescribes a model of leadership from a personal and organizational point of view.

Start With Why is a fun book to read: it is compelling and provocative. I found myself pausing to evaluate my own systems and style of leadership chapter by chapter. The unfolding of Sinek's theory is purposeful, if not a bit random. I felt like Sinek had discovered something truly meaningful and continued to attach it to a series of events which may have distracted from his main points. He pulls from historic, scientific, and commercial examples to make his point. I would have liked to hear less about Apple; Simon began to lose a bit of credibility when sounding like a forum fanboy at times.

I would recommend reading this book. It is excellent. I have purchased, and given away, nearly ten copies myself. It is a great work that compels the reader to action. Anyone invested into leadership of any kind must get their hands on this book. It is well worth the effort and will help you clarify the why of your own life. 

Brent ColbyComment