The Truth About the Lordship of Christ - Review


The Truth About the Lordship of ChristThe Truth About the Lordship of Christ is a theological treatise by John MacArthur. He systematically describes the biblical person of Jesus Christ and his role in the Kingdom of God. The book is written in six parts and describe unique aspects of Christ. Each explanation is attached to a series of so-whats for the reader. The book is well thought out and scripturally based. Each chapter builds logically and does a great job siting scripture to back up the arguments made by MacArthur. It is a book of theology. If you have not read this style before you will find The Lordship of Christ approachable and easy to read. Its ease of use does not lessen the academic depth or accuracy of the work.

I would recommend reading this book for anyone wanting to get a biblical grasp on who Jesus is according to scripture. It is not a fun or funny book. It is not a book that changed my life. It did, however, provide a biblically based, theologically sound image of Jesus Christ.

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy through BookSneeze®.

Brent ColbyComment