Stop Thinking of Things to Do


You have to stop thinking of things to do. There is enough on your plate already. I understand that new things are adventurous and fun but you should focus on completing some of the projects that you have already started. The discovery process is exciting for you, I understand that. But discovery is useless unless you can convert those ideas into reality.

Be disciplined and let your mind settle on one thing. Be present and carry your ideas to term. New ideas are just as good as your current ideas. Your current ideas have had a chance to mature and develop into something more than thought. Though they may seem a bit dull and lack-luster they have substance. You know their shortcomings and weak points. New ideas have these things too but you have not discovered them yet.

Stick with what you are doing and do it until it is done. Everyone will be better for it.

Brent ColbyComment