Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage - Review


It was the golden age if Arctic exploration and Ernest Shackleton was determined to be the first man to cross the worlds most hostile continent. He spent years preparing for the trip of a lifetime. Elaborate planing and exhaustive fund raising allowed Captain Shackleton cast off British shores on August 8th, 1914. The Endurance was an Arctic exploration vessel buit to withstand the icy conditions of the Arctic circle. The doomed voyage met disaster before setting foot on the Arctic continent. The Endurance found herself frozen and crushed by drifting masses of ice. What ensues is a high tale of adventure and survival. Alfred Lansing has done a great job telling the tale of the ill fated crew. Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage  strikes a key balance between creative storytelling and historical documentation. The voices of Shackleton and his crew come alive through their journals. He paints a wonderfully bleak picture of the Arctic landscape and allows the readers to empathize with a desperate men who adventured for months on the desolate ice.

I would recommend reading this book. I was engrossed by the story of the Endurance and its men. Lansing has drawn a powerful story out of  journals and historical records created more than on hundred years ago. The world of exploration and adventure comes to life and the metal of these brave men is inspirational to the core.

Brent ColbyComment