Sunday School and Allah

Today Allah came to Sunday School. I teach at an evangelical Christian church and we were learning about the book of Judges. The kids have been reading about the pattern of apostasy that the Israleites were caught up in (we actually taught them the word apostasy). In short: the Israelites were doing what was right in their own eyes. I decided to throw the group a softball: "We should not obey ourselves, who should we obey?" One little girl shot up her hand. I was excited because she was a first time guest. She stood up to answer the question in front of the whole group and boldly stated, "Allah!" Yes, Allah.

I was reminded that today's culture in North America is becoming more ignorant of the Christian tradition. At the same time I believe that our culture is becoming more religiously aware. The lines between religions are becoming less and less distinguishable for an entire generation. God or Allah: its all the same to them. Christian or Mormon: same difference. I understand that the name Allah can be used outside of the context of Islam. Our guest this Sunday had innocently confused the two faiths.

Does this change the way that we present the Bible to kids? Do you see a greater awareness of world religions emerging in your Sunday school classes? Could this be a good thing for the Church?

Brent ColbyComment