Think Orange Review

Think Orange discusses the disconnect that exists between the church and the family. The premise of the book is simple: red and yellow make orange, therefore think orange. OK, it is not exactly that simple. Reggie Joiner paints the church yellow and the family red; something about halos and hearts (or something like that). The important part is how he challenges families and ministry leaders to consider each other when raising up children. He does a good job at highlighting strengths of orange thinking citing Biblical, historical and social studies. This is not Joiner's doctoral thesis on family ministry. It is, however, a useful guide to help you start thinking about family ministry. The second half of the book offers some helpful images of family ministry that would be useful for any church. If any of us could begin to implement some of the concepts that Joiner and his team have captured we would be in a better place.  I have brought some of Joiners ideas to my team already. This book is well worth your time... but dont read it alone. Make sure that everyone in your church who works with babies to eighteen year olds gets their hands on this book. It is really that good.

What about your church? Does your church think orange? Is the family regarded as one unit or do you ministries take a narrow view of children and students?

Brent ColbyComment