The Art of Manliness Review

Woah, woah... dont let the title fool you. The Art of Manliness is much more than a collection of macho manisims. Brett and Kay McKay aim to paint a picture of the modern day gentleman. Subjects incude gutting a fish, changing a diaper, landing a plane and delivering a baby: everything you need to know to operate as a true man (see: gentleman). I was surprised by the tone that Brett and Kay took towards the end of the book as they progressed through the superficial qualities of manliness and began to take a closer look at heart matters. I got the feeling that the authors suckered me in with fisticuffs and hit me with paternal advice. It was good! This book lacks any spiritual insight regarding masculinity but still offers a fun look into the life of a modern day gentleman. It was a fun read and I would recommend it for anyone interested in some casual, and sometimes challenging, fun.