You Don't Get Your Own Vision


The word vision gets thrown around a lot in the business world. Everyone knows that they should have some sort of vision statement and leaders are encouraged to cast vision for their teams. We develop catchy slogans to be printed and painted on corporate t-shirts, calendars and coffee mugs. Executive teams become responsible for developing images of future success and seek out creative ways to illustrait their goals. Vision is important. You do not get your own vision. I am speaking to members of larger teams and let me be clear: organizations are successful when they are follow a single vision. Multiple visions cripple the effectiveness of any group. One is the perfect number and the only number; two visions can destroy an organization as quickly as having no vision at all. If you are not the boss then your role is to follow the leader.

I work at a church and have come to realize that my lead pastor's vision must become my vision. We will not make any progress pulling in two different directions. Does this mean that I have no room to imagine a high impact ministries for my church? Absolutely not. My job is to come up with strategies that help accomplish the vision of my church. Any program I put in place must be sub-categorical of the greater vision of my organization. 

The success of your organization depends on your ability to embrace a single vision. Make sure that your work furthers the stated purpose of your group. Leaders must eliminate any programs that divert attention from the stated vision of the team. Leaders move in one clear direction. Flowers have to get on board or get out of the way.