The Everything Store - Review


The Everything StoreBrad Stone tells the ambitious  story of Jeff Bezos and his creation of The Everything Store describes the humble and daring beginnings of the online retailer and Bezos' entrepreneurial spirit. From early inspiration, start up, and global dominance, Amazon has done it all. It is a familiar plot with an exceptional range of dynamic range of highs and lows. Stone knows his subject well and has made a series of first hand observations about the company and its CEO. He tells the story of Jeff chronologically and does well to describe a character that is both fantastic and flawed. Amazon is a fascinating company with global ambitions and their story is nothing short of wonderful.

I would recommend reading this book. I learned a lot about the company and drew some insight from its founder. To hear the story of Bezo's grand imagination and the ruthless commitment to see those dreams come true is challenging and inspiring. I don't think I would ever want to work with Jeff, but I definitely would like to see him work, and I have no doubt that his dreams come closer to reality with each passing hour.

Brent ColbyComment