The Indigenous Church - Review


Melvin L. Hodges prescribes the best way to start a Christian movement in his book, The Indigenous Church. First drafted in the 50's, Hodges work is relevant to church leaders around the world. His principles of local ministry rings true in the post modern world with exceptional clarity. Ideas surrounding a sustainable Christian movement are clearly laid out in this two part book including a later work titled The Indigenous Church and the Missionary.

Hodges writes in the direct tone of an era before political correctness. His message is clear and to the point. Each page of this work is filled with useful insight on creating a church movement that will drive itself. The connection between the two books feels a bit clumsy. An edited version of these works combined might do a better job at sharing Hodges' ideas between the books. The writing is interesting and smart because of its clear proposal of ideas and strategies surrounding the future of the Church.

I would recommend reading this book. Those in ministry need to expose themselves to Hodges' ideas around indigenous ministry. The post-modern cultural application of The Indigenous Church may have not been intended by the author but speaks volumes into the idea creating an authentic Christian faith movement today. 

Brent ColbyComment