Will There Be Faith - Review


Thomas Groome believes that the Church must adopt a new strategy for passing on the Christian faith. His work, Will There Be Faith?describes the challenges of discipleship and a means to educate new followers of Christ moving foreword. His discussion draws out principles of teaching from the person of Jesus and drafts them into a Church strategy for today. He places a great emphasis on the church community and concludes with a movement that includes by engagement, response, critical conversation  story and vision, integration and behavioral response.

Groome writes from his Catholic point of view regarding discipleship in the church. He is informed and has given great thought to the ideas presented in Will There Be Faith?. I enjoyed his discussions about the role of family in the church and his description of the healthy church family.

I would not recommend reading this book to the curious. Tho who are deeply invested into the study of discipleship will get a lot of of Grome's work. His ideas are interesting and usable for the church leader. Groome's Catholic background should not discourage those who are taking a close look at discipleship. Latter chapters are more specifically devoted to the Catholic church while the majority of this book is relevant to most Jesus followers.

Brent ColbyComment