The Martian - Review


The MartianA pioneering voyage to the surface of Mars ends in calamity. One survivor is left to fend for himself in the harsh environment of the red planet. This is Andy Weir's, The Martian; it is a story with the ambitions of Apollo 11 and the struggle of Apollo 13.

The ambitions of Apollo 11 and the struggle of Apollo 13.

Weir paints the landscape of Mars with the wit and sarcasm of its lone survivor called Mark Watney. Through the eyes of Mark, and others, we see a scientific fiction of survival and attempted rescue. Journal entries mark the days and events of Watney's survival with a consistent barrage of humor and irreverence. The book is tragic and funny, scientific and creative, playful and serious.

I would recommend reading this book. It was fun, thoughtful, and paced. I wont spoil the ending but will say that Weir did a good job managing the tension of the main character and his environment. The story is simple and that is part of its appeal. The Martian is a good story and easy enough to enjoy.

Brent ColbyComment