Top 10 Posts of 2012


Here is a list of my top ten posts from 2012.

I met a goal of writing three times a week for a whole year. I summarized part of this 2012 resolution with the publication of my top ten reads of 2012. Now I bring you a highlight of my most viewed posts from a year of musing at Thanks to the 6000 individuals who lent me their ear over the past twelve months. Next year is going to be quite a ride and I cant wait to share the highlights with you all!

How is Your Eschatology?

10. How is Your Eschatology?

Christianity believes that the world will come to an end as described in the book of Revelation. But most Christians dont know what their own faith says about the end. This post was written to shed some light on a popular, but often ignored, Christian doctrine.



Speaker for the Dead Review

9. Speaker for the Dead - Review

Orson Scott Card is one of the most famous science fiction authors of all time. It is no surprise that a review of one of his books ranks in my top ten list. I didn't like this book and recommended that people skip it in favor of some other good reads.



God is Greater Than Our Culture

8. God is Greater Than Our Culture

This is a message I shared at Church back in 2011. It still got more hits than a vast majority of my content from 2012. People always wrestle with the "boundaries" that exist between culture and the church. This sermon was designed to show how God desires to be a redeeming part of all culture. Check out the audio or message notes.



Emergency Tiara

7. Emergency Tiara

This post was two things: thoughts on public recognition and link bate. I was inspired by an image posted on reddit that made the front page. It was funny and sad and made me think about my own crises of vanity.




6. Toxic Charity - Review

This was another popular book review from last year. Robert D. Lupton offers a provocative criticism of charity and its role in helping people break free from their need. It is worth reading and will challenge the ways in which you view reaching out to those in need of help.



ready set go

5. Ready Set Go!

I started a new job this year and was excited to share about my first day of work. This posts marks my first thoughts as the Network Children's Ministry Director for the Northwest Ministry Network. I am honored to serve a great group of children's pastors in Washington and Northern Idaho.



The Art of Manliness

4. The Art of Manliness - Review

This was definitely my surprise book of the year. I started reading it exactly one year ago and was caught off guard by the sincerity and depth of the writing. I expected a dude-bro approach to manliness in this book but was confronted with... the art of manliness. The end of the book takes a fatherly turn and challenged me to be a better father, husband and dude-bro.



with you dada

3. With You Dada

This post documents one of the best days of my life. My daughter, Adele', was offered a day of anything and she simply requested to be with you dada. It broke my heart and warmed it at the same time. I shared some thoughts about spending quality time with people we love.



fork in road

2. I Am Leaving The Best Job I Have Ever Had

I have taken some flack for this one from previous employers (love you Tom and Dad). I experienced one of the most exciting years of my life at Evergreen Christian Community in Olympia last year. My time at the church was far too short but extremely rewarding. The lead pastor, Jim Ladd, encouraged and challenged me during an important phase of life. I am in debt to him, and all of those who have invested into me over the past years (love you Tom and Dad).


Welcome Oliver Thomas Colby

1. Welcome Oliver Thomas Colby

This was the highlight of my year: Oliver was born! We welcomed our second child into the world on April 20th, 2012. Nothing helps you put life into perspective like the birth of a child. I was reminded of the awesomeness of my wife, support of my family, and blessing from God.


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