What do people see first?

I watched an interesting video about an artist named David Tremlett who specializes in, "drawings for spaces." He undertook a huge project and decorated a stairway at Tate Britain. The result is very cool especially when you consider that he used  pastel crayons. He explains the steps that he took to make this project a success. He began with asking the question of how people mount the stairs. His entire project began with what people see first. Do you have control over an environment? Perhaps it is a small class room or large auditorium. Have you ever asked yourself what people see first? It is important to start with this in mind. We may have prepared brilliant content but unless people start with you you will never end with them. 

We must understand what people see first or else we may never catch their attention. We all know that first impressions can last a lifetime. Take a walk through the areas where you impress upon people. It is important that they see what you are all right from the get go. This is not salesmanship, this is communication. And a master communicator speaks with words after they have introduced themselves.

Brent ColbyComment