God is Not in Your Toolbox

God is not in your toolbox; he is not at your disposal.

He is not something for you to apply to a problem. That is not how it works. Some of us work hard in ministry and think that if we can find the best way to apply God then we will succede. This approach inverts the relationship between us and God. We are to be his hands and feet in ministry, not the other way around.

We are in God's toolbox, we are at his disposal.

We should see ourselves as God's instruments. We are the tools in his hand and should be at work to accomplish His mission. When you tell yourself that you can't do it you are correct. You cant. God can and does work through us. It is by His design that we carry out the mission of Jesus. We must deliver the good news about Jesus to every one. Our own message and messengers should not get in the way of this task.
Brent Colby1 Comment