What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast - Review


Do you have a morning routine? Would you believe that the first things you do can determine how successful your day will be? Do you believe that they can determine the amount of success you will find in your life? Laura Vanderkam has written a short book titled What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. In it she gleans from her previous work, 168 Hours, and surmises her take on the first things of productive people. One central pillar to her argument is that the morning hours are ours to control and find themselves least interfered with. Working professionals and those who have high demands on their time find solace in the morning hours. One must prioritize and develop a strategy for getting important things done first. These include personal, professional and family things. This is a quick and interesting read. I didn't read 168 Hours but wonder how much of this content was covered, or alluded to, in Vanderkam's previous work on time management. Some may feel that she is stating the obvious and this is true. But she also includes a easy to follow formula for taking the obvious, but difficult, fist steps into morning productivity.

I would recommend reading this book. What do you have to lose but an hour of your time? Get in and glean some knowledge from this quick read. I am going to be putting some of Laura's advice into practice this week and see how my days can be transformed by investing into an intentional morning routine. Go ahead and check it out for yourself!

Brent ColbyComment