When You Look At Something Over Time

What happens when you take a look at something over time? Does what you see change? Take a firework for example. We are used to enjoying firework displays one boom at a time. But what if you were able to view fireworks from a different perspective? I am not talking about an up, down, left or right perspective; I am talking about a new perspective over time. Christopher Jobson, of Colossal, published a piece on photographer Davey J. He shot a local firework show using a long exposure technique. The results were stunning and original. Think about relationships you have. First impressions can tell you a lot about someone but, over time, you begin to develop a fuller idea of who someone is. You learn their story, their strengths and their struggles.

What about a program? Does the same depth of understanding come from looking at the heritage behind a program or event? I believe it does. You begin to see understand why things look the way they do. You understand the vision of the project looking both forward and backwards over time. 

Developing a full perspective of things requires that we look at it from different angels. But it also requires that we look at things over time. Get the story behind a person, event or organization and understand its full shape. 

Brent ColbyComment