Wool - Review


WoolA society navigates daily life in the silo as the truth begins to threaten their very existence as survivors of a great apocalypse . Over a hundred floors of residents occupy the refuge and maintain the systems required for human life. Mechanical, agricultural, and medical floors provide employment for the silo residents as well as another generation of humans etch out a life underground. A series of events reveal a deeper truth behind the origin of the silo and its role in a destroyed world. Wool was original written by Hugh Howey as a series of short stories. The Omnibus edition combines these episodes into one complete text. The story moves slowly at first but eventually adds layers of complexity and intrigue as the plot unfolds. The heroine, Juliette, is a compelling character who is driven to expose the truth and faces the ultimate penalty for her convictions.

I would recommend reading Wool. I thought that the book was going to be another post apocalyptic story of survival but was pleasantly surprised as I turned each page. Life in the silo felt familiar as a fan of the Fallout series. Howey does a great job, however, to bring a layer of complexity to the well trodden plot with is own unique and thoughtful contributions.