Work as Growth


Work and GrowthMy son is one year old and was made to work. He is what people call a "busy boy" which means that he never slows down, not for one second. His activity is more than play; he is far too motivated and focused to be at leisure. When his blocks are thrown across the room, individually gathered, and thrown again he is on a mission: he is working. His mother and I understand that this type of activity is good for him because he is developing important skills. Things like hand eye coordination, association, and the nature of objects are being discovered one Lego at a time. Your work is fertile ground for personal growth. We often confuse the major benefits of work with specific products and results. We ignore the profound impact that working has on our development as individuals, as husbands, or as friends. A college graduate with a bachelors degree has done far more than complete a set of academic requirements. They have past tests of time management, focus, and self control. Their work as a student has netted more than a degree, they have become more mature because of their work. Work hard and think about the things that you are learning. Those who consider self-development will have a greater return on their life's work. I believe that my son is going to leave his mark on the world. Diligence and determination are a part of who he is. If I can teach him to learn alongside his work then he will become accomplished in all the right places.

Your work is fertile ground for personal growth.

A warning to hard workers and deep thinkers: you are not often the same person. Don't let your bias towards one thing or the other deter you. Many deep thinkers are unable to leave their pondering to get things done. Many workers are incapable of slowing down long enough to evaluate the state of things. Commit yourself to both attitudes and get the most out of your day. Think before you act and never forget to act.

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