Alignment vs Agreement

You dont have to agree with someone to follow their lead. Teams of two or more are going to have different ideas about the way things should be. This is good news. The more perspectives we can consider the better our decision may be. What happens when you dont agree with the decision of the team? You get on board or you leave. I was listening to a talk from Michael Hyatt today and he made the following statement; "Alignment dosent require agreement but it does require commitment." We have to be committed to the ideas of our leaders. Once the discussion is over and the decision is made you have to be committed to that decision. You may not agree but this does not preclude you from aligning yourself with the direction of your team. We confuse agreement with alignment all of the time. It is difficult for us to see beyond ourselves and embrace the ideas of others (especially when they are "wrong"). Some of the greatest teams are made up of people who see things differently. But at the end of the day they  get on board and get the job done. Your team is far better off executing one strategy instead of two.

Are you holding back  commitment because you disagree? Chose one of two things: align yourself with the team or leave. Those are your only two options. Leaving may be an important decision. There are many matters worthy of disagreeing over and many matters worth leaving a team for. Know where your preferences end and your convictions begin.

Brent ColbyComment