He Starts Where I Stop


Run into a wall lately? I sure did. My family is going through a busy season right now; there are not enough hours in the day. We wake up early and stay up late working and then working some more. There are enough projects on my plate to last several months but every task is due sooner than later. Discipline and focus give way to exhaustion and anxiety. Today I ran out of strength and God picked up the slack. It was my hour of desperation that forced me to rely exclusively on God. It is a grievous path that many of us have been down before. When we cant do it any more God does. I visited a local High School and watched part of a track meet. It was sunny and my two year old was having a blast (she almost ruined the 100m hurdles by throwing her toy on the track). We spent an hour at the field and I was wholly consumed by God's peace. I wasn't worried and I wasn't stressed. I came home ready to dive back into my work, school and family. I came home ready to engage and connect with people; to put my head down and use the gifts God has given me.

Perhaps you have felt the same before. Let me encourage you to quit trying to do it on your own. Give it up and let God step in. No, he is not going to do the work for you; that is still your responsibility. And no, you cant ignore the issues in your life and pretend that anything has disappeared. What you can do is trust in God and rely on him for encouragement and strength.

Brent ColbyComment